You look amazing in jeans. You just may not know it yet.
Thanks to Coldwater Creek, along with our hosts Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney of Getting Gorgeous, hundreds of women know just how fantastic they can look.
Coldwater Creek was the fashion sponsor at this year’s Getting Gorgeous event – a stopover for beauty and pampering for the countless women bloggers who came to New York City for the annual BlogHer conference.
At our Denim Bar, women tried on denim and Tweeted pictures. In all, hundreds of Tweets were sent out, reaching over a million people. “Love these Coldwater Creek casual chic looks for fall!” one blogger said. “Had no clue how awesome Coldwater Creek jeans were,” said another. The women couldn’t get over the fantastic look and incredible fit of the new denim collection.

We ended up making some wonderful friends, who had a great time falling in love with our new denim. We also gained excited fans, who are already spreading the word about our denim.

So even if you weren’t at Getting Gorgeous, you can still get plenty gorgeous.

Click to shop, and we promise you’ll be amazed what the right pair of jeans can do for you.


Hope Springs Ticket Giveaway

Coming this Wednesday to a theater near you ... Meryl Streep’s newest film Hope Springs.

We’re definitely putting it on our must-see list. Why? Not only does it have an amazing cast with the fabulous Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell, but (drumroll please) Coldwater Creek has a cameo role!
The main character Kay (Streep) and her friend work at Coldwater Creek, so we get sneak peeks of fashions and interiors from our Milford, Conn. store.
The plot revolves around a devoted couple whose marriage has gotten a little bland after 31
years ... yes, it can happen! :)  So Kay and Arnold (Jones) embark on a week of intensive marriage therapy to spice things up, with, of course, some hilarious results.

It’s a little naughty, a little nice, and a whole lot of fun! Don’t miss it!
Ten people will win 2 free tickets each.

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They're sleepless in Sandpoint. Bleary-eyed from building baby furniture. Discombobulated by diapers. But very, very happy. These proud new dads all work here at Coldwater Creek and we’re thrilled to share their photos with you. And to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father's Day!

New Dads at Coldwater Creek

Congratulations to our new dads (clockwise from upper left): Nick with Charlie, Paul with Bennett,
Joe with Joseph, and Jason with Parker


A season turns, and Bailey’s ready for it with her own unique chic.

Bailey's Spring Fling

In Bailey’s words …
"One of the trends I’m loving is all about mixing traditional pieces with funk and fun. For instance – a classic trench in a pretty print – it’s unexpected and playful. I’m also loving this classic blazer in a dark wash denim paired with an ultra-feminine lace pencil skirt. Finally, putting the statement necklace with a bold top creates a perfect balance between a very relevant fashion trend and tried-and-true tradition."

Shop Bailey’s Picks:
1. Crystal Cut Circles Necklace
2. Nouveau Denim Blazer
3. Bracelets: Cicada Bangle, Bumble Bee, Enamel Beetle
4. Silk Cotton Essential Top
5. Lacy Pencil Skirt
6. Rainflower Belted Trench


Today we’re talking about the apple shape. If you have broader shoulders, a larger bust, narrower hips, and a less-defined waist, you fall into this category.

How to dress for your body shape - Apple

Let’s look at some ways to help you flatter your shape.

TOPS: A V-neck top will elongate your look and draw attention upward. Don’t go too loose or too tight. The fabric should glide, not bunch. You’ll want to avoid ruffles or embellishment that draw attention to your chest and add bulk.

PANTS: Stay away from a tight, tapered leg. Your best bet is to go with pants that create a clean line from your waist to your ankle. To create a longer-looking silhouette, keep your outfit monochromatic from top to bottom. Bootcut jeans also work well for your shape.

SKIRTS/DRESSES: Go for A-line skirts and dresses in fabrics that don’t cling to your midriff. Try adding a belt to give definition and create the illusion of a smaller waist.

JACKETS: You can get away with jackets that fall just below the waist to jackets that hit mid-thigh.  Just be sure they don’t hit at the widest part of your hips. Longer jackets should be structured with a curvy silhouette.

No matter what, you should wear outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. And if that means breaking a few rules, so be it!

Have fun shopping!

Read Vol. 1 How to Dress for a Pear Shape and stay tuned for these future posts:


Dress for your body shape - HourglassDress for your body shape - Rectangle


The colors, the styles, the top trends...and the accents that pull every look together. Watch a brilliant new season unfold! The long-anticipated spring season brings a rush of fresh colors, new looks and an array of accents to pull every look together beautifully.


Style Spot has been getting a lot of questions on dressing for different body shapes. We’ll be talking about the pear shape today, since that is the most common body type for women. Then, in the coming weeks, we’ll be addressing other body types – apple, hourglass, and rectangle.

Dress for your body shape - Pear

If your hips and thighs are wider than your shoulders/bustline, then you fall into this group, so here are some tips. Let’s start at the top.

TOPS: To draw attention upward, bring out the white and put on the brights. Play with different necklines and embellishments to keep the focus toward your face. Layering also adds visual interest.
BOTTOMS: Wide leg black pants and bootcut jeans in a dark rinse are going to be your best friends forever. The flare helps balance the proportion. Stay away from embellishment and cargo pockets. And avoid pleats.

SKIRTS/DRESSES: Go for A-line skirts and dresses in non-clingy fabric. Get the right size for your body; not the size you think you should be.

JACKETS: Structured jackets are the best bet for you. They shouldn’t hit at the widest part of your hips; just below is fine. And please, no cropped jackets.

ACCESSORIES: Bring on the bling – a statement necklace or earrings keep the attention where you want it, up top. A pretty patterned scarf also adds interest and highlights your face. If you wear a belt, make sure it’s a narrow belt, and the same color as the pants.

Wearing styles that complement our own unique body type make any woman feel more beautiful and confident. The bottom line is, the choice is up to you – wear what you love! And whatever your body type, we’ve got lots of fresh arrivals for you to explore.

Have fun shopping!

Stay tuned for these future posts:


Dress for your body shape - AppleDress for your body shape - HourglassDress for your body shape - Rectangle


Sheryl's 2012 Fashion Resolution

I don’t want to use the word lazy, but we all get a little set in our ways; and for me that’s been wearing my knit jeans 80% of the time. So this year I’m adding a selection of classic, clean wardrobing options for a more polished, professional look. My mantra: it IS ok to cheat on your jeans!

Shop new arrivals for your own style inspiration!


Sabrina's 2012 Fashion Resolution

I tend to do basic black or head-to-toe monochromatic looks, so this year I vow to inject mood-lifting color into the mix. And tossing on a scarf is the easiest way we know. Oh, and for great styling tips, visit our New Ways To Tie A Scarf video.


Before I buy anything new, it has to pass the test and be a true wardrobe builder. No more “one hit wonders!”

Bailey's 2012 Fashion Resolution

Style should always reflect you and fashion should be fun. So have fun shopping!


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