Sheryl's 2012 Fashion Resolution

I don’t want to use the word lazy, but we all get a little set in our ways; and for me that’s been wearing my knit jeans 80% of the time. So this year I’m adding a selection of classic, clean wardrobing options for a more polished, professional look. My mantra: it IS ok to cheat on your jeans!

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Sabrina's 2012 Fashion Resolution

I tend to do basic black or head-to-toe monochromatic looks, so this year I vow to inject mood-lifting color into the mix. And tossing on a scarf is the easiest way we know. Oh, and for great styling tips, visit our New Ways To Tie A Scarf video.


Before I buy anything new, it has to pass the test and be a true wardrobe builder. No more “one hit wonders!”

Bailey's 2012 Fashion Resolution

Style should always reflect you and fashion should be fun. So have fun shopping!


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