The rectangle body shape, also sometimes referred to as athletic or long and lean, is characterized by broader shoulders/back, small-to-average bust, undefined waist, little or no curves, and slender arms and legs. Considered the ideal shape for today’s top models/celebrities – think Nicole Kidman or Gwyneth Paltrow – it’s fairly unobtainable to us mere mortals.

How-to dress for your body shape - Rectangle

Still, believe it or not, there are some challenges for the rectangle shape, and we have tips to help maximize your look if you are lucky enough to be blessed with it.

TOPS: For tops, you’ll you want to create shape by wearing scoopneck and sweetheart necklines, and choosing styles with contoured waistlines. Tops with ruffles and other embellishments will flatter your chest. Layers will also help create interest and dimension.

PANTS: A wide variety of pant styles work for you. Fitted pants help create the illusion of curves.

SKIRTS: You can wear almost any style skirt, but A-line skirts and skirts with a drop waist give the impression of a more curvy figure. Pencil skirts look sensational, though, as well, for a sophisticated, lean look.

DRESSES: To emphasize your waist, think wrap style dresses, or adding a belt.  

JACKETS: Jackets that are nipped in at the waist are a good option. But if you want to emphasize your long and lean silhouette, go for a longer-length boyfriend blazer over skinny jeans.

Enjoy finding beautiful new options to dress your body type!

That’s the fourth and final installment on body types. If you missed them, check out Vol. 1, Pear Shape, Vol. 2, Apple Shape, and Vol. 3, Hourglass Shape.


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